Welcome to B Oscarson Mek Verkstad!

B OSCARSON MEK VERKSTAD AB is a workshop for precision mechanics.
The company specialises in machining using turning-centers and the company focuses on precision-turned parts made of materials which are difficult to machine. This includes everything from superalloys for the aviation industry, through tempered and different stainless steels to more unusual plastics.


We usually work with batches of units approx. Ø 100 mm with a length of 200 mm, though our machines are able to work with units twice this size. Normally we manufacture batches of two or three units up to 10 000 units.
Our excellent co-operation with heat treatment technicians and surface dressers, ensures that finishing, something we do often, poses no problem for us.

Our production is systematic and we hold quality assurance to ISO 9002.
Our machinery offers high performance and our staff is well educated and continuously improving.

We have many years of experience of long-term co-operation with customers who have specified and documented manufacturing requirements but no corresponding facilities of their own. For instance, our company has been selected and approved as a Preferred Supplier to one of our most important customers. A Preferred Supplier is contingent with a World-class approach and continuously improves the processes and performances in order to increase customer satisfaction and to meet current and future demands.
Our close co-operation with some of the world´s leading suppliers to the engineering industries also gives us the qualities we need to remain at the very forefront of development.
These are, of course, a prerequisite for a company, which supplies some
of the leading Swedish companies of the world, in packaging, aviation and biotech..
Our long-term endeavours also cover ethical and environmental matters.

About us

B OSCARSON MEK VERKSTAD AB is still a very small and flexible family-company employing just over ten people, founded in 1948. We are located at the seafront on the Swedish westcoast one hour north of Gothenburg.

Contact us

For further information, please contact Sven Oscarson, on
+46(0)304 52126 or 52526.
Sollidsvägen 9
S-474 95 Hälleviksstrand
Tel.: +46(0)304 52126, 52526, Fax: +46(0)304 52599